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50$ Giveaway!
50 New Dollar giveaway! Click here to watch the video for the free 50$ giveaway from Khaos Art and The Designer. Only one entry per person and no purchase or personal information needed. Just your name and email for contact. Thank you all for your help and support this wouldnt be possible without you.

What is Khaos Art doing?
Create, Share, and Inspire! This is what describes Khaos Art the best. The ultimate goal of Khaos Art is not to become a millionaire or have the largest design company it is to simply Create beautiful art, Share it with the world for FREE, and Inspire others to do the same. This is a simple concept that came with the idea when it was formed. I have searched the internet for years to find a company that would design something or even give there product away for free. This search came failed. I understand making money is a necessity but is not something that you should base your business off of I believe. Yes I do charge for a design or a logo but intern I have given away so many things from my YouTube channel that I feel people understand the concept of Share and Inspire. I can only hope that Khaos Art will one day become a successful company and people will see that Khaos Art did things right and never forgot where it came from. Forever will Create, Share, Inspire stay with Khaos Art and I hope that forever it will stay with you!

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